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USGI Cot Straps (Paratrooper Leg Straps) Standard Length- Original Material

USGI Cot Straps (Paratrooper Leg Straps) Standard Length- Original Material

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Standard length (19" long) version of our USGI Cot Strap (leg strap) ideal for use with knives.  These museum quality reproductions are a 1:1 match to originals (see our side-by-side comparison photos).

Prior to D-Day many American paratroopers were not issued "standard" general purpose straps so they scrounged straps from where ever they could find them. Most commonly paratroopers took the white straps that were attached to their GI issued sleeping cots.  Even with the briefest examination of original photos of paratroopers before and after D-Day are seen using these straps in great numbers.

These white cot straps were by far the most common straps used by paratroopers on D-Day. They were used to secure knives and other gear to themselves during (and after) the jump. These straps are the only reproductions of their kind being manufactured today.  Made with 100% cotton webbing, riveted with an original black rivet to a black steel buckle,  and "end capped" with a blued steel "C" tip. Straps are approximately 19" long.


3/4” original cotton webbing

3/4” original steel buckle

3/4” original C tip

1/4" original black rivet


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