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Stand In The Door 1944

"Ultimate" Gas Brassard

"Ultimate" Gas Brassard

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The strongest and longest lasting paper brassard on the market.  For this critical piece of kit we wanted to make a brassard that holds up well to prolonged field use.  We have created a brassard that looks like paper and wrinkles like paper but is water resistant and built to last.

  1. 1:1 pattern match to an original
  2. Tear resistant
  3. Water resistant
  4. Looks like paper and wrinkles like paper but is so much stronger 

Gas brassards are, quite frankly, the bane of existence for most reenactors.  They are a critical piece of kit for an accurate Normandy impression but they are flimsy and (more often than not) don't even make it through an event without falling apart.  This the same experience that most WWII soldiers had with gas brassards as well but in their case they didn't care that they got ruined almost instantly.  However as reenactors paying $15 a piece for a piece of gear only to ruin it in the first 5 minutes totally sucks. 

In years past come companies have made their brassards out of canvas rather than paper.  Great idea for longevity of the piece of kit but the problem is canvas brassards look and act nothing like paper, they simply look like painted canvas which is not ideal. 

Almost all repo gas brassards are not patterned off an original brassard.  They simply buy a repo from another company and copy it and the laws of duplicity ensue resulting in brassards that do not fit your arm properly and hang off the shoulder and a bazar angle.  We patterned our brassards 1:1 off an original and we use steel cutting dies to ensure that each brassard we make to fallow the same pattern.

The cotton 1/2" HBT tape used for the epaulette loop is the same length as originals and works perfectly for both M41 and M42 jackets. 

The proper paint color was a huge deal for us and we mixed ungodly amounts of paint to get the proper color. 

These brassards will ship flat but may arrive with a few small wrinkles.  This is not a defect and is not eligible for a refund.

Although these brassards are much stronger that paper, they are not "bullet proof."  If you get one of these hung up on a plane during a jump or hooked onto a thick branch as you are running, they will rip.  We can only make a "nonwoven" material so strong.  Brassards damaged from use are not refundable.

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