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Stand In The Door 1944

Sink "Night of Nights" D-Day Letter

Sink "Night of Nights" D-Day Letter

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Reproduction of the famous "Night of Nights" letter that was written by the commanding officer of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Col. Robert Sink to his men prior to their jump into Normandy.  Accounts vary as to when this letter was issued to the troopers but many accounts say that it was handed out in the planes just prior to take off.  This is backed up by pictorial evidence taken by photographers that snapped these pictures just prior to the photographers getting off the planes as they began to taxi for take off.

These letters are uncommonly rare because they were issued after the paratroopers had put on all their parachutes and thus did not have access to their pockets or other places to store them, leading to many of them being discarded in the plane.  However some letters were stuffed into their shirts or inside their helmets and became treasured souvenirs to their owners.  Only a few original letters can be seen on display in museums around the world but one can be found in The Gettysburg Museum in Pennsylvania along side an original "Ike" D-Day Letter.

This is not a simple copy on bleach white printer paper. This letter is printed on specialty all natural fiber base, 20LB paper stock with no watermark. Same size as the original message.  The color is a handsome off-white shade to match originals.

Letters purchased by themselves will be shipped via a standard USPS letter envelope save you money on shipping.

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