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Stand In The Door 1944

Scrim Camouflage

Scrim Camouflage

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This listing is for 4 strips of olive drab and 2 strips of burlap scrim camouflage only.  Helmet net, the helmet itself and the helmet stand are not included in this listing.

Proper color helmet net scrim is another authenticity item that we are very passionate about at SID44.  We custom dye this scrim ourselves using original scrim samples in order to get just the right color of Olive Drab.  This scrim is nor available anywhere else.  

One bag of scrim comes with 4 strips of olive drab and 2 strips of brown to match the most common color ratio seen on helmets in original photographs.  The lengths of strips in the bag may vary by a few inches but there is enough scrim to cover 1 helmet extensively or 2 helmets sparsely.  DO NOT USE TAN SCRIM AS IT WAS VERY VERY RARE.

If you are buying scrim online and it isn't original material 99 times out of 100 it is the WRONG COLOR.  Yes, original scrim came in many different shades but it was not found in the shades that 99% of companies are selling.

More often than not repo companies are going to Joann Fabric or Hobby Lobby and buying bolts of colored burlap and cutting it into strips to resell.  Unfortunately the "designer" colors that those companies are making are dyed to meet the needs of modern day craft makers and event coordinators who shop at those stores, not serve as "period" camouflage.  

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