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Stand In The Door 1944

"Ultimate" Rigger Pouch

"Ultimate" Rigger Pouch

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This listing is for 1 "ultimate" rigger pouch.  All other items pictured in these photos are not included in this listing.

Rigger pouches were by far the most common means to carry ammunition and hand grenades by troopers in the 101st Airborne in Normandy.  There are only a handful of photos showing troopers using cartridge belts.  However, these pouches almost disappeared by the time of Market Garden because troopers learned the hard way that rigger pouches were not a great means of carrying items into combat.  If a trooper reloaded their M1 and forgot to re button the dot fastener, all the other ammunition and grenades in the pouch would be lost when we went to run to the next bit of cover.

Our "ultimate" rigger pouches are designed to help reenactors look 100% authentic by wearing proper rigger pouches while at the same time adding design features that help them to prevent the loss of expensive blanks, magazines, and replica grenades. 

Each pouch includes:

  1. Elastic band to keep the contents of the pouch from falling out when the fastener is not closed.
  2. Block spacers in the bottom of the pouch to lift blank ammunition to the top of the pouch for easy access
  3. Double belt loop design which helps more evenly disperse the weight of the pouch on the belt when a suspender strap is placed between the loops as well as prevent the pouch from sliding off the belt when the buckle is undone.   
  4. Reinforced seams for additional strength to prolong the life of the pouch
  5. Leather reinforced lift-the-dot post to prevent the washer from cutting through the canvas 

This model is a reproduction of the medium size which was the most common pouch.  This size pouch can carry 2 MKII grenades or multiple M1 enblocs or carbine magazines  These reproduction rigger pouches are made with our custom dyed OD3 canvas and are fastened with genuine lift-the-dot-fasteners.

To finish the pouch we do a few "quality of life" upgrades that no other manufacture does.  First, we reinforce stitch the side seams of the pouch.   Second, we reinforce the inside of the lift-the-dot fastener with a leather disk.  These two upgrades make these pouches the toughest and longest lasting rigger pouches on the market.

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