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Stand In The Door 1944

Rigger Pouch- Medium- OD3

Rigger Pouch- Medium- OD3

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Rigger pouches came in several different sizes.  The two most common were the small and the medium.

This model is a reproduction of the medium size which was the most common pouch.  This size pouch can carry 2 MKII grenades or multiple M1 enblocs or carbine magazines  These reproduction rigger pouches are made with our custom dyed OD3 canvas and are fastened with genuine lift-the-dot-fasteners.

To finish the pouch we do a few "quality of life" upgrades that no other manufacture does.  First, we reinforce stitch the side seams of the pouch.   Second, we reinforce the inside of the lift-the-dot fastener with a leather disk.  These two upgrades make these pouches the toughest and longest lasting rigger pouches on the market.

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