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Stand In The Door 1944

Replica M15 WP Smoke Grenade

Replica M15 WP Smoke Grenade

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Using the success of our rugged replica MKII "pineapple" grenades we decided to use the same casting techniques and impact resistant resin to create a museum quality reproduction of the M15 White Phosphorous Smoke Grenade. 

Rather than the traditional style smoke grenade that emitted a stream of smoke out of a small hole at the bottom of the canister over a prolonged period of time, this design was a "bursting" grenade.  Meaning that once the pin was pulled and spoon released, the fuse would burn for approximately 4.5 seconds before completely exploding, throwing out an almost instantaneous screen of smoke as well as fragments of white phosphorous burning at 5000 degrees over an area of about 25 yards.

This grenade was designed as a "screening" grenade but given its explosive nature it was widely implemented in an anti-personnel role.

This replica is made of 100% solid resin and cannot be made to explode.  They are assembled with the proper MKII "wrap around" style spoon with a surplus pin and ring.  Note that the nomenclature on these replicas is roll stamped using a rubber stamp the same way they were during WWII.  However roll stamping is an imperfect process.  Some numbers and letters may be missed or smudged.  This is an acceptable manufacturer error because original manufactures had the exact same problem.  If you are wanting a perfect example with perfectly crisp stamping throughout you may be disappointed.

Original photo depicts a Native American trooper of D/506th of the 101st.  Photo is courtesy of 101st Historian Mark Bando. 

Item not for sale outside the United States.

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