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Stand In The Door 1944

Replica Smoke Grenade

Replica Smoke Grenade

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These are inert replicas of the GI smoke grenade.  The bodies are milled from solid steel which makes them nearly indestructible.  Unlike other repos on the market, these replicas feather the proper MKII fuse cast in impact resistant resin directly from an original and have the proper MKII wrap-around spoon and a real surplus pin.  These replicas are 100% inert and can not be made to function.

Unlike the "bursting" white phosphorous type smoke grenades, these version of smoke would have functioned the way all traditional smoke grenades would.  Once the pin the pulled and the spoon released the fuse would begin to burn, igniting the colored smoke compound inside causing some to billow out of a small hole in the bottom of the grenade.  It would take the grenade 30 seconds to a minute to put out a sufficient smoke screen.  

These were used to cover the movement of advancing troops as well as providing a means of identifying friendly forces and/or enemy positions for Allied air craft.



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