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Replica MKII Hand Grenade (Yellow)

Replica MKII Hand Grenade (Yellow)

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This replica is the same quality MKII pineapple casting as our olive drab version but in early war "HE yellow."  The body is painted in the appropriate shade of HE yellow and has a black "wrap around spoon". 

Note that yellow paint tends to get "marked up" much quicker than olive drab paint.  A quick google search or yellow MKII grenades will demonstrate this in short order.  Chances are that any yellow pineapple you receive from us may have a scuff or 2, this is not a factory defect and is not eligible for refund.  All MKII replicas are shipped in 1-2 bubble mailers to keep them in the best shape possible but simply given the tendency of yellow paint to scuff we can only do so much to prevent it.

Over the years Standinthedoor1944 has done several runs of replica MKII grenades in both rubber and resin.  This new run is by far our best yet and one of the best replicas available in the world today. This replica is made of 100% solid resin and cannot be made to explode. 

The MKII Fragmentation grenade is one of the most iconic and by far the most collected piece of US ordinance ever made but faithful replicas of it are few and far between.  As a result nearly every film and TV series produced after 1960 uses either post war trainers or cheap Chinese knock offs that don't look anything like an original.  

To help with that problem we have taken an original MKII grenade from our collection and have created a 1:1 casting of the body of the grenade and the fuse.  This gives us all the details of the original grenade including the texture of the original iron and the makers mark "C" (for Crane).

Given the cost of the replica we wanted to not only produce the best reproduction in terms of looks but also strength.  We have used the highest quality impact resistant resin available.  To test this we have dropped one of our replicas onto concrete and asphalt from a height of 20' and the only damage sustained to the replica was a scuff to the paint.

The WW2 style spoons and the paint were by far the hardest parts of this project.  Post war spoons can be found by the truck load but they are not compatible with WW2 fuses so I found a shop that could make proper reproductions from scratch.  Only change I made to the spoon was to make it a slightly heavier gauge steel.  Original spoons were made of an incredibly thin gauge steel which made them very easy to bend.  I wanted slightly heavier steel that would hold up to extreme use so that they would not wear out after only a few events and have to be replaced.

Sourcing the correct paint for these replicas was also very difficult.  Rather than using a cheap yellow spray paint from Walmart and Lowes, which looks nothing like originals and would compromise the authenticity of the rest of the project, we set out to color match the original paint.   After ordering countless samples from 4 different manufacturers we finally found a color that is a perfect match.

Finally, for our pins and rings, rather than using a cheap keychain ring and a paperclip, we sourced surplus grenade rings to ensure the highest authenticity possible.

As a result we have created one of if not these best replicas made in the United States, nothing else even comes close.

If you have any questions on this or any of our other products, don't hesitate to ask and we would be happy to help you in anyway that we can.

Item not for sale outside the United States.

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