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Stand In The Door 1944

Replica British Mills Bomb

Replica British Mills Bomb

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This item is an accurate replica of the British Mills Bomb used by all Common Wealth forces during WWII.  This replica features an impact resistant plastic body, steel spoon, real surplus pin/ring, and spring loaded plunger.

This replica disassembles just like an original and the spring loaded plunger allows the pin to be pulled and the spoon to be authentically "flung" off the body just like an original.

The most stunning feature of this replica is the paint job.  We paint our replicas side by side with an original example to match the Mills Bomb's unique "lacquered" finish as well as identification markings.

Whether being used for reenactments, film, or for a desk ornament this replica will be a great addition to your collection.    

Item not for sale outside the United States.

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