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Stand In The Door 1944

"Pliofilm" Clear Rifle Bags (D-Day)

"Pliofilm" Clear Rifle Bags (D-Day)

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The bags appear to be dark in the attached pictures but that is because of the lighting and editing software used on the pictures.  These bags a clear in color.

This is a reproduction of the CLEAR rifle bags that were being used in amphibious landings throughout the war.  Original bags were made of Pliofilm which was a rubberish plastic bag made by the Goodyear tire company.  As you can see from the original photos from dating from Normandy and before, all the bags being used were clear.  The green colored bags were not seen until the landings on Iwo Jima.

These reproduction bags were made side by side with an original to match the width (8"), length (approx. 57"), and thickness of the bags.  These bags will fit M1 Garand rifles, 03 Springfield rifles, M1 Carbines, Thompson SMG's, BAR's, 1919 machine guns, and can be cut down to fit 1911's and other sidearms.  I recommend removing the magazine of Thompsons, M1 Carbines, and BAR's prior to putting the weapon in the bag to prevent from tearing the bag on the sharp corners while holding the rifle.    

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