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Stand In The Door 1944

Otter Wax (simulated CC2 treatment)

Otter Wax (simulated CC2 treatment)

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YOU WILL NEED 2-3 BARS OF WAX TO CC2 TREAT A UNIFORM. One bar for the jacket and one bar for the pants and one bar for touch-up.  

Original color film photos taken by Doc Lage in Normandy (originally publish by MARK BANDO) CLEARLY show how dark and almost wet looking uniforms became after being treated with CC2.  The difference between a uniform that has been treated by CC2 vs one that has not is incredibly obvious even in black and white photos.

Otter Wax is hands down the best method for simulating CC2 anti gas impregnation on D-Day uniforms.  Don't use Vaseline, deck sealant, or other dangerous chemicals to treat your uniform.  Use a compound that has been used safety on clothing for hundreds of years, wax. 

Applying Otter Wax to your uniform visibly darkens your uniform giving it a "damp" appearance just like the original CC2 compound did in 1944 but this time without the negative side effects.  Unlike the harsh gasoline smell of original CC2 compound, Otter Wax has a very neutral an unoffending smell.


1.  Rub otterwax into the fabric/canvas of your uniform.

2.  Used a hair dryer or heat gun to help melt the wax into the fabric.

3.  After wax is applied, turn the uniform inside out and place into a fabric laundry bag

4.  Put in close dryer on high heat for 10 minutes

5.  Check results and reapply the wax to any areas you missed the first time

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until desired results are achieved

All American troops who invaded France during D-Day were forced to have their uniforms dipped in boiling vats of a compound called CC2.  CC2 was an anti-gas impregnation chemical which was intended to protect the wearer's skin from weaponized poison gas.  This compound made the uniforms

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