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Stand In The Door 1944

Original "Late War" Helmet Net (small hole)

Original "Late War" Helmet Net (small hole)

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This listing is for the net only.  Helmet and stand are not included.

These nets are ORIGINAL "late war" era helmet nets used extensively from mid 1944 through the end of the War.

These nets are the "small hole" variant used by the 82nd Airborne and Rangers in Normandy, then later adopted by the 101st and most all other units around the time of Market Garden and was used until the end of the war.  

These nets DO NOT HAVE A DRAWSTRING and there for need to be put on the helmet a bit differently than other types of helmet nets.  By far the most effective technique is to use some black fiber tape (accurate for WW2) to hold the loose ends of the net inside the helmet then install the liner which will keep the net in place.  This produces the tightest and cleanest "finished" look on a helmet.  

Beings the holes on these nets are only 1/4" wide (approximately) you will need to cut 1 or 2 strings to make a hole large enough for the chinstrap to slip through.  It is also suggested to trim the extra net once it is fitted to the helmet to allow the liner to fit better inside the helmet shell. 

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