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Stand In The Door 1944

MKI Hawkins Mine Conversion Plate

MKI Hawkins Mine Conversion Plate

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These MKI Hawkins "crush" plates are designed to convert the reproduction MKII Hawkins mine made by What Price Glory from a MKII Hawkins mine to a MKI.

The MKI Hawkins mine was a British made anti-tank mine that was used extensively by US paratroopers on D-Day. The problem is, there are no replica MKI's Hawkins mines being produced today.  WPG makes a great replica MKII but MKII's were not being used until sometime after Normandy.

The main visual difference between the MKII and the MKI was the "stiffening rib" of the crush plate.  The MKI crush plate had a rib that ran the width of the plate and bent "into" the main body of the mine, whereas the MKII had a rib that ran the length of the plate and bent "away" from the main body of the mine.

This detail is clearly visible when a Hawkins mine is strapped to a troopers leg as demonstrated so clearly by LT Wallace Strobel of E/502 PIR in his famous photograph with General Eisenhower prior to the jump into Normandy (see attached photo).

Beings no replica MKI's are available  we have created a steel plate to replace the plate on a WPG reproduction mine to visually convert it from a MKII to a MKI.  These are made out of heavy 22ga steel and the slots have been precision cut to fit the steel tabs on the WPG mine.  All plates are painted with a red primer spray paint.

To install, use a flat head screw driver to lift up the "ears" securing the crush plate on a WPG mine.  Remove the original plate and replace with our conversion plate and bend the "ears" back in place.  We suggest making this conversion only once as repeated bending of the ears back and forth could damage the mine.  We also suggest repainting your WPG mine with a red steel primer to better match the finish of original mines.

Stand in the Door 1944 is not liable for any damage to person or property that may occur during any work customers choose to perform with with our products. We do not recommend bending the ears of your replica WPG mine more than once as it could cause the ears to break off. 

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