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Stand In The Door 1944

Replica German M24 Grenade "Potato Masher"

Replica German M24 Grenade "Potato Masher"

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These replicas are some of the best reproduction German M24 grenades on the market.  All metal components are actual steel (not zinc or pot metal).  All markings are copied directly from an original (see pictures).

Handles are raw wood just like originals and are treated with dirt to age them for a slightly "salty" look.

Steel "tail caps" unscrew to reveal a pull ball that was cast directly from an original example in our collection and are within a few grams of the original weight.  The pull balls are attached with an all cotton string which matches the braid of many original examples and is tied with the same knot used during the war.

The steel heads are filled with inert material to match the weight of an original (approximately 1.5 lbs +/-).

Item not for sale outside the United States.

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