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Stand In The Door 1944

Field Sustainment Kit

Field Sustainment Kit

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This kit is one of the most useful things a trooper can carry while in the field.  The contents of this pouch may not be "period correct" but it gives the user the tools needed to keep him in good working order while in the field.

These kits fit nicely in a first aid kit pouch (first aid pouch not included in this listing), the side pocket of a musette bag, or pocket on a uniform.  They are small and easy to carry but provide a big pay-off for when you need it most.

Each kit includes:

1-metal tin

2- sheets of mole skin

2- Sewing needles

1- sewing thimble (for sewing through thick material)

1- od3 heavy thread (for repairing web gear and uniforms)

1- Cork (for burning for face camouflage)

1- Scissors

1- seam ripper

1- tweezers

1- finger nail clippers

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