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Stand In The Door 1944

Escape Kit Compass

Escape Kit Compass

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Reproduction of the highly sought after "American Model" WWII Escape compass.  Also know as a "button compass." These small compasses were issued to both paratroopers and aircrews in small escape/evasion kits comprised of a compass, a cloth map, and a small hacksaw blade.  The compass' small size allowed it to be easily concealed any where on the body.  Many troopers sewed the compass into the "fly" or the waist band of their trousers so it would not be easily found while being searched by the enemy when captured.   

Measuring .75" in diameter, .213" in height, and weighing less than an ounce these compasses match the design and quality of the original compass extremely well. Constructed from a solid piece of machined brass (just like originals), these reproductions utilize a acrylic crystal lens to cover the face of the magnetic dial.  Escape compasses were manufactured as a "dry" design meaning that there was no liquid suspending the dial of the compass.  The reason for this is in cold weather conditions a "liquid" compass could freeze rendering it useless.  

To purchase escape hacksaw blades and/or cloth escape maps, please see my other listings. 

Each of these compasses are tested against a military lensatic compass to unsure that they properly orient to magnetic North. 

Note that these compasses have a small "burr" on the side of the brass housing.  This is not a defect.  These burrs are created during the manufacturing process and do not impede the use of the compass.  


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