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Stand In The Door 1944

Bandoleer- Original Fabric

Bandoleer- Original Fabric

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These are probably some of the best reproduction bandoleers that have ever been made.  They are constructed with original fabric and original safety pins with reproduction webbing.  We used original bandoleers from our collection to make the pattern for these reproductions so they are a 1:1 match. 

Like all our products, we seek to make not only the most authentic reproductions possible but also the toughest.  We have reinforced stitching on all the "high-wear" areas of the bandoleer including where the webbing strap meets the fabric, the top and bottom of the pouch and even the point were the top flap of the bandoleer meets the bottom flap.  These reinforcing areas makes these bandoleers even stronger than originals. Original bandoleers were made to be used once then thrown away.  Reenactors use them for decades so they need to hold up to that kind of use and abuse.   

Bandoleers were, by far, the most common means GI's carried their ammunition  in both the Pacific and European theaters.  Even a brief study of original photos show an over abundance of bandoleers on troops in the field.

Bandoleers were the means in which all troopers were issued ammunition.  All ammunition for the M1 Garand rifle being shipped overseas was preloaded into enblocs, filled into bandoleers and then packaged into a sealed container inside a wooden ammo box.  Ammo boxes were delivered to the front and the bandoleers were then issued to the troops.  Some troopers would take the ammunition out of the bandoleers and put it in their cartridge belt, pockets, rigger pouches or simply chose to carry the bandoleer itself. 

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