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Stand In The Door 1944

Rigger Pouch- "AAF"

Rigger Pouch- "AAF"

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Many people don't know that the traditional "rigger pouches" were designed off of a pouch that was originally designed by the Army Air Force (AAF) and was featured in the 1943 equipment catalog.  These pouches are indistinguishable from "traditional" rigger pouches from the front so identifying one in an original photograph is near impossible.  The only thing that identifies an AAF pouch is the part number that was stenciled onto the back belt loop.

 Our reproduction AAF pouches are made with our custom dyed OD3 canvas and is closed with a nickel life-the-dot fastener.  The stencil on the back is made using an original AAF pouch.

To finish the pouch we do a few "quality of life" upgrades that no other manufacture does.  First, we reinforce stitch the side seams of the pouch.   Second, we reinforce the inside of the lift-the-dot fastener with a leather disk.  These two upgrades make these pouches the toughest and longest lasting rigger pouches on the market.

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