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Stand In The Door 1944

82nd Airborne Patch and Gauze Flag

82nd Airborne Patch and Gauze Flag

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With the incredibly positive feedback we experienced with our reproduction 101st patches we wanted to do the same for the 82nd.  Additionally we wanted to provide a high quality reproduction of the gauze flags used exclusively by the 82nd Airborne throughout the war.   Both the patch and the flag were made side by side with originals to ensure the best accuracy possible in both the materials used and design of the "artwork."

The patches are made with 100% cotton thread and sewn on ORIGINAL fabric.  The gauze flags are 3"x5" wide and printed on 100% cotton gauze which was the most common flags for both Normandy and Holland. 

One of the fastest ways to positively identify 82nd trooper in pictures from Normandy and Holland is by looking for the American flags on their right sleeves.  These flags are very apparent in photos of 82nd troopers in Normandy because the 82nd did not wear cover them with the gas detection brassards so widely used by the 101st.

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