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Stand In The Door 1944

101st Type 7 Patch (reproduction)

101st Type 7 Patch (reproduction)

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This is one of the best reproductions of the type 7 101 Airborne patch ever made.

The type 7 patch could very possibly be the very first "variant" of the 101st patch that the US Army commissioned at the beginning of the war.  This theory is based on the original "blueprint" drawing sent to the original manufactures and the fact that so many members of the 502nd PIR (the first regiment assigned to the 101st) who had this type patch on their uniforms.  This patch can be seen in all regiments of the 101st but is most common amongst original members of the 502nd.

This project would not have been possible without the assistance or MARK BANDO who came up with the "collector typing system" we all use to identify 101st patches today.  The original type 7 patch pictured in this listing was loaned to me by Mark Bando for the purpose of reproducing it.  His help and guidance through every step of this project has been unmatched and I could have never done this without him.  

As you can see, modern day reproductions of the 101st Airborne patch look nothing like an original.  The shape of the whole path is incorrect, the eagles look more like chickens, they are the wrong colors, they are made out of synthetic thread, AND THEY ARE NOT MADE IN THE UNITED STATES.

My patches are made side by side with originals to ensure that even the smallest details are captured.  Sizes, fonts, and colors match exactly, they are embroidered on original cotton twill fabric, and are made with 100% cotton thread, just like originals and are MADE IN THE USA!!!!

These patches will be shipped already cut out and ready for sewing onto your uniform.

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