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Stand In The Door 1944

Invasion Armband Flag (Version 2)

Invasion Armband Flag (Version 2)

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These "version 2" reproductions are the same high quality print and material as the "version 1" invasion armband flags but are missing a few of the features of the higher priced armbands in order to create a more cost effective option for buyers.

"Version 2" flags are about 1/2" longer, do not have the holes punched, and DO NOT INCLUDED the 2 steel safety pins.  These armbands are a more cost effective option for those who wish to cut or fold the flag and thus do not need the holes that are on the "version 1" flags.

These flags were worn by American troops as early as November 1942  during Operation Torch (Invasion of North Africa) but were most notably worn during Operation Dragoon (Invasion of Southern France), Operation Market Garden (Invasion of Holland), and Operation Varsity (Invasion of Germany).  These flags were used as a means of identifying American troops to local civilians during an invasion.  Many troopers chose to fold or cut the armbands to make them smaller and pin them directly to the sleeve of there uniform. 

Unlike other reproductions that are printed on synthetic plastic fabric (or other unauthentic material), these flags are printed on real cotton oil cloth canvas.  These reproductions were created using a scan of an original invasion flag which was used during Operation Market Garden and matches the size, color, weight, and feel of the original flag armbands.  These armband flags are 18.25" long (approx.), DO NOT have any holes punched at the ends, and DO NOT included the 2 steel safety pins.  

The colors on this armband are printed to match the "unissued" condition of the original flags.  These reproductions look the same way they did in 1944.  In other words they are bleach white, dark blue, and orangish red.  As you can see in the comparison photos on this listing, the original flag's colors have aged and faded over the last 78+ years.  The white portion of original flags have faded to yellow, the dark blue has lightened to a sky blue, and the red stripes have faded to orange.  

Note that the original armband flags were made by at least 10 different companies during the war and each company had slight variations from one another to include slightly different color shades, slightly different size/shape stars, and slightly different size/location of the punched holes. These reproductions were made to match this particular original armband exactly but this original pattern may vary slightly from other originals in your collection for the reasons listed above. 

These flags will be shipped rolled up and secured with a rubber band to avoid unwanted creases in the material.  When unrolled, these flags will want to curl and roll back up but once they are laid out for a few days they will flatten out.  Flags can be ironed to flatten them more quickly but if done at too high of a temperature this could damage the material

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